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Bypass the Mind
Go Straight to the Heart
Then the mind goes quiet and you Allow the natural flow of Life to
move you irresistibly into deep peace, wisdom and compassion

An Enhanced Life
~ Inner Peace, Calm and Resourcefulness ~
~ Grow Your Spiritual Life ~
~ End Stress, Anxiety, Depression ~
~ Awaken Your Inner Prosperity ~
~ Love Unconditionally ~
~ Experience Deep Self-Acceptance ~
~ Touch Every Part of Your Life
Guided By Meditation Master
GP Walsh
Evolve with Ease
Mastering meditation is something that evolves naturally and quickly, once a simple precept is understood and embodied. The heart of meditation is Allowing Everything To Be As It Is. With this as the center of practice, progress is swift and sure.
"GP makes meditating easy and natural, the way I always thought it should be.
This course has brought me home."
-Tracey Samlow, Henderson, NV