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Imagine An Unconditioned Life
~ Inner Peace, Calm and Resourcefulness ~
~ Grow Your Spiritual Life ~
~ End Stress, Anxiety, Depression ~
~ Awaken Your Inner Prosperity ~
~ Love Unconditionally ~
~ Experience Deep Self-Acceptance ~
~ Touch Every Part of Your Life
In this guided exercise you will experience directly the sweet truth that 
Unconditional Love is not an advanced, transcendent state
Unconditional love heals all difficulties, dissolves all conflicts and restores all peace.
To come to the state of genuine, unconditional acceptance means only to come out of the conditioned mind
with its limits, beliefs and attachments and see through the eyes of ALLOWING
Effortless Evolution
Mastering ALLOWING is  something that evolves naturally and quickly, once a simple precept is understood and embodied. The path to real freedom  is ALLOWING EVERYTHING TO BE AS IT IS. 
"GP makes ALLOWING easy and natural, the way I always thought it should be.
This course has brought me home."
-Tracey Samlow, Henderson, NV